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Polish Salt Caves

Groty Solne PL

Salt Caves and Salt Chambers

When talking about the healthy recreation and biological renewal we must mention The Salt Caves.

Salt caves are the latest and the most original form of recreation and strengthening therapy with using all the therapeutic virtues of the marine salt.
In salt caves there is a unique micro climate, characterized by the unusual bacterial purity, ideal humidity and temperature, which have a favourable effect not only on the adults, but also the children's mood and health protection.

In spite of the minus ionization which is beneficial for people, the air contains compounds essential for the proper functioning of our system.(iodine, magnesium, calcium, bromine, potassium, sodium).
During the session, very important is also the influence of the properly chosen music, which helps to relax and rest. Worth mentioning is also the therapeutic impact of the colour- therapy.
Invaluable influence of the above listed factors enables a noticible improvement of health and mood just after a few sessions.


Groty solne TAPIS.PLWhy the salt caves made by Tapis.PL is the best choice?

Below, the basic equipment of the salt caves Tapis.PL is presented.

1. Patent technology of the nonflammable ceiling, which imitates the stalactites covered with the salt layer.

2. An optical fibre system of the ceiling's lighting.

3. Diode light points (starry sky).

4. Controlled by the remote control reflexions LED(colour-therapy).

5. Salt wall, thickness-150mm.

6. Original deckchairs LAFUMA (in five colours).

7. Floor- 150mm. of salt layer from the Dead Sea.

8. Lighting salt pieces ( white, red, blue, yellow).

9. Floor halogen lighting.

10. Double salt walls for creating the micro climate, decorated with black, white and red salt pieces.

11. Colour light points, natural decorative elements.

12. Floor grating of the entrance door preventing from carrying out the salt.
13. Double function floor heating.

14. Vent air-conditioning Mitsubishi Electric.

15. Stereo loudspeaker system for music therapy, hidden in the ceiling.

16. Standby lighting (evacuation way) in case of loss of electricity.

17. Mechanical ventilation system.

18. Filters of the air coming from outside.

19. Bactericidal lamp UV.

20. Insulation and assembly of the anti-salt lining,which insulates the rest of the rooms.

21. Soundproof layer with the dilatation part.

22. Soundproof upholstery of the entrance door ( the colour matches with the salt wall).

23. Control panel in the housing.

24. Starter pack containing: cosmetics, salt accessories, leaflets, posters and brochures.

25. Advertisement hoarding, dimensions: 2900mm x 1100 for internal or external assembly.

Additional equipment of the salt cave

- monitoring system (hidden in the cave)

- computerized system to control the cave

- Hi-Fi set - Aquarium in the wall of the cave

- Wooden, decorative finishes

- Design of the waiting room with the equipment

- Sculptures made of stone salt

- salt screens

- salt lamps, candlesticks, cosmetics on the basis of the salt, and other accessories

Our company has been existing since 1990, adding the new branch- the salt caves- to our services- has been done during the year2000/2001.

Polish Salt Caves is a group of experts in many fields, who have been cooperating with our company for several years. Our team involves designers, technical consultants, qualified crew of installers and excellent working service.

16 years of experience and a strong position in its field are unquestionable trumps of our team, our keynote is " Impossible is done immediately, for miracles you will wait a while"

The resources in the form of our own carpenter's and working stone's workshop, own transport, nets of sales points make that we are self- sufficient and independent and what is more, competitive.

The salt from the Dead and Black Sea, the import of the salt lumps in the unique colours, salt accessories, thermal brine, salt cosmetics. We have everything what is essential to build and equip The Salt Caves.

We are proud of masses of satisfied customers. Many times our cooperation was begun by building the Salt Cave and assembly of the solarium, cosmetic capsule, sauna and the steam bath into the Spa bath, mini-swimming pools or the external pool.

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Salt Caves


Salt Caves

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Producer of the salt caves

Salt Cave

Producer of the salt caves

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Salt Chambers

Salt Cave

Salt Cave

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Salt Chambers

Producer of the salt caves

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